Title: FIFA 22 - The Preview Packs were released in Ultimate Team
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Blog Entry: According to PC Gamer, during an investor conference on August 4th, Wilson said that FUT 22 Coins Preview Packs have led to "an an increase in participation" and "a higher rate of conversion of consumers." "It was beginning to fall towards the closing of the season therefore, some of this data must be considered in that perspective, but we are committed to advancing the way we work in as well as around the opportunities and the programs that we develop for our players, and hope that we can continue to expand our business in the future," he added. The Preview Packs were released in Ultimate Team in June, which allows players to view what's inside each pack before purchasing. The change was brought about by demands from various groups including government agencies, children's welfare groups, and gambling charities, since reports have found that there are links between loot containers and gambling. However, seeing what the contents of a loot bag will allow the player to decide whether they'd like to commit to spending money. This is actually leading to increased numbers of sales EA. "What we saw with the Preview Packs was more new players coming into Ultimate Team, and we saw higher conversions of those new players about purchasing packs and engaging in the digital realm," said Wilson."Our teams are going to continue to explore interesting creative, innovative, and creative ways for people to get more involved with the game, and buy FIFA 22 Coins preview Packs is one of those instances."