Title: Solar Post Cap Light Wholesalers Introduces The Design Strategy Of Wall Washer
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Blog Entry: Solar Post Cap Light Wholesalers introduced the six principles of building LED wall washer night lighting design: 1. It should be suitable for the overall requirements of the city landscape LED wall washer night lighting plan. The brightness of the building and the color temperature of the main light should be in harmony with the situation. 2. The result of the overall lighting art should be suitable for the functionality of the building and express the cultural inherent and characteristics of the building. For example, a trade club can adopt a colorful and eye-catching lighting design plan. The government office building adopts dynamic and colorful lighting, which will conflict with the building and appear to be inconsistent. 3. LED wall washer lighting at night is one of the elements of the city, and its light control mode should be controlled in accordance with the light control mode of daily ordinary, general festivals, and large festivals, and ensure the response of the lighting art results. 4. Adhere to remuneration and implement green lighting. We should limit dryness and light, control spilled light, avoid light pollution, and protect the ecological environment. We must pay attention to energy conservation, choose energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps and electrical accessories, reasonably control the power density of Jingming, encourage the use of renewable energy, and create a comfortable and coordinated lighting situation. 5. Highlight the key points and preserve the overall situation. We should choose a suitable lighting system and consider the visual results of the building in day and night. 6. Buildings with special cultural and historical significance must be sheltered. The lighting design must effectively protect historical cultural heritage and ancient gardens. Through the above introduction, Solar Powered Outdoor Wall Light Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.