Title: Antibacterial Fabrics Wholesaler Introduces The Classification Knowledge Of Curtain Fabrics
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Blog Entry: Antibacterial Fabrics Wholesaler introduces the types and classification of curtain fabrics: 1. Linen curtains dissipate heat quickly, and linen looks simpler. 2. Many curtains called cotton and linen on the market are actually made of cotton, linen and polyester. The surface looks a bit like linen, and the texture also has a bit of linen texture. This kind of curtain has better drape and shading properties than linen curtains. 3. The vertical sense of polyester curtains is okay. After washing, they are still hung in the original appearance, not easy to wrinkle or shrink, so most of the curtains on the market are polyester blends, which are relatively easy to take care of. 4. Chenille curtains have a heavy texture and thickness on the surface, which makes the curtains have concave and convex patterns, strong three-dimensional feeling, comfortable hand feeling, and very thick, with a feeling of draping. 5. Velvet curtains feel soft to the touch and have a strong drape. The common ones are velvet and corduroy. The warm touch has made home curtain fabrics very popular in recent years. Polyester will also be added, and some of them are full suede. 6. The gauze curtains have good texture and strong air permeability, which is very suitable for creating atmosphere. Through the above introduction, Blackout Curtain Fabric Wholesaler hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.