Title: RuneScape - This miniquest is not included in the quest journal
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Blog Entry: Unless you feel confident you'll be able to RuneScape gold take down an opponent with 10,000 hitpoints, you should use the slow 2-h weapon which could do 250-700 damage and 50 poison damage guaranteed, or another 2-h weapon belonging to a god which is slower with 500+ damage, and the rare ability to deal 1000 damage without poison, all without food or armor, go around and go back. Plus Side ~ Your weapons can cause massive damage. one weapon can cause 50 poison damage regardless of the situation, but it sacrifices the power to achieve this You can also use prayer or potions. Negative Side - Your opponent can 1-hit ko you and you aren't able to bring food; you can't wear armor. He is able to utilize magic however only at close range. He has ten thousand HP Your weapons are extremely slow; there are just five weapons you can choose from. This miniquest is not included in the quest journal, and its release will remain secret. Level 99 in strength or attack, defense, hitpoints, 70+ hitpoints, and 60 agility/strength. [70 strength, 80smithing and 55 mining could be usefulto Sug. Items include mithril bars and saradomin-brews, superstat replenish or sanfew serum, prayer potions and items that kill imp (lesser demon, more powerful) or demon butler(no levels) sergeant damien (no levels), K'ril Tsutsaroth, and a non-level, 10,000 HP Zamorak. What do you know about the Zaros's prison and how did it impact your life? It's not much, so why is that? I would like to release him. Are you crazy? You'd probably die! What do I have to do? You'll have to kill Zamorak. You'd have to kill Zamorak. You're kidding me... are you serious? No, I'm just kidding [end] Yup! Sure, I am. Wow! What a reaction from a mere human being. What is wrong with being human? There's nothing wrong with it, but humans are the most mortal species on earth. Did you have any words to say? Nothing at all. It's true. However, getting back on track, you declared you'd take your life... Yes, indeed. You should take this. Azzandra will give you an gold token. It is my seal. If you invoke it, I'll communicate with you. I am able to answer any question you might have. I'll transfer you here, and I can determine which seals you've left to gather. Gather? Do you mean to kill the owner? Yes, demonic seals can only be granted to buy 2007 runescape gold a new person.