Title: RuneScape - If you're at 90+ attack and strength
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Blog Entry: I'm very angry as I attempted to RS gold pay back the amount it was that I given(only time) but was kicked out of the room for it. The CC has since become unfriendly without any human contact. The forum is all yours and yet you're not able to pick your moderators to do their work. I'm not able tell you the specifics of what I mean however I can let you know what it's like. The Numinous. If you're at 90+ attack and strength, then melee will be a better choice. A ranged setup would look in the following manner... Equipped items - Neitiznot (for prayers as well as defense bonus) Also, any boots you'd like (ranger or snakeskin would benefit the most though they are followed by bandos or white for prayer), Method - stand directly in their direction, keep away from them from melee and keep an eye on them. They'll most likely be meleeing most of the time, and your d'hide / armour will take care of most of their magical strikes. They'll only take damage mostly will be their ranged attacks. I believe, first of all, you'll need to build a throne room as well as a floor in the middle of it and create an oubliette space beneath it. Additionally, you must construct an escape door inside. There are two different ways of entering the cave It is possible to build a huge cave entrance, which you build in a fancy garden or a garden. A set of stairs within the room. After building one of those two you have the option to build a lower level room in the same way, but there should only be one option available for that. Once you have built the room(s) you are able to build in normal construction mode, creating treasure rooms, dungeon corridors and junctions, or any other room from above you'd like to buy RuneScape gold have down below too.