Title: You'll reach high Codex completion
Tags: Lineage2M
Blog Entry: Additional support for character growth will be provided through an all-new Pass System at the game's global launch. The players can utilize 'Aden Pass that allows them to  Lineage 2M Diamonds  will be able to complete missions and receive rewards, as well as 'Beginner's Pass and have the opportunity to play through and complete core missions and obtain an Epic grade skill book. Lineage2M's in-game features are designed to let players improve their game through an even and consistent gaming experience. There are three ways you could benefit from this concept: Class Path: The acquisition of "Class" is generally achieved via Class Cards. But, with this system of 'paths', players can move up into higher ranks of their chosen class when a certain level is achieved that is, if you make sure to play consistently it is guaranteed that you will accrue cards and gain more levels. Codex: Items accumulated during gameplay may seem unnecessary at first, but this is the case only when you be aware of the Codex system. This allows users to level-up using excess items they acquire through gameplay. If you play frequently, you'll reach high Codex completion and acquire a number of things that aren't helpful to your character or class, however, in Lineage2M you'll be rewarded with stats and bonuses for the objects and your effort. Card Fusion: As with any random drawing, you may encounter duplicate Agathion and Class cards. By fusing your obsolete cards, you'll make new cards for  cheap Lineage 2M Diamonds  Class and Agathion. There's actually a chance you can mint cards with greater power by combining them, so the more duplicate class/Agathion cards you accumulate, the higher the likelihood of getting an upgraded card.