Title: Decorative Greaseproof Paper For A Broad Market
Tags: decorative greaseproof paper, sublimation paper supplier
Blog Entry: Are paper straws ready for a broad market? decorative greaseproof paper has long been regarded as a new material for dealing with white waste. The field of degradable plastics was immediately taken a fancy to under the irritation of the "plastic restriction order". Wan Lei, director of the Office of the National Science and Technology Department of the my country Synthetic Fiber Industry Association, said in an interview with reporters that from the perspective of supply, along with the technological development in my country's electronics industry, new products and new processing techniques are continuously released, and more and more Manufacturing companies can gradually consider the provisions of relevant laws and regulations on plastic substitutes. At this stage, the development and production process of degradable plastic products in my country is the general trend. The manufacturing enterprises of degradable plastics must grasp the dialog stage of my country's plastic restriction, improve their technical strength and production capacity as soon as possible, and consider customer requirements. At this stage, the cost of biodegradable plastic straws is 3-5 times that of general plastic straws, and it is very likely that the catering industry will quickly replace plastic straws with a certain degree of difficulty. However, the development of science and technology has the hope of reducing the cost of high-tech enterprises. In the past, the cost of degradable plastic bags was about 2-3 times that of general packaging bags. Now, after mass production and production increase, it has become 1.5-2 times. Some professionals have indicated that with the development of the production process, the difference in the cost of plastic straws has gradually become smaller. "In some special main purposes, the application of plastic or its substitute raw materials is essential, but it is necessary to investigate whether such applications are really necessary, and then consider whether it is possible to find stronger options and suitable supporting facilities. The purchase of degradable plastics and the solution of infrastructure construction.” Tong Hongbo explained as an example that disposable plastic straws are not necessary, and can be used without or in a circulatory system; Soil and environmental protection are considered both ways. The dissolution time should not be too short, otherwise it will not be able to achieve the desired effect, and it should not be too long. If it does not dissolve in three to five years, it will lose the practical significance of biodegradation. In addition, garbage sorting and recycling must also follow closely. Recyclable systems and biodegradation have become new trends in the development of the plastics industry, and the protection awareness of stores and customers is particularly important to promote this development trend. my country's promulgation of the "Plastic Restriction Order" is to make companies diligent in environmental protection and find more suitable methods to replace plastic products, and the ban on the use of plastic straws, which are closely related to everyone's daily life, is beneficial to arouse a large number of customers. Conservation awareness. "Practical experience, the use of plastics in the recycling system, vigorous development and production of degradable plastics, is an important way to reduce white waste. For the masses, the rejection or reduction of the use of plastic products is a good choice for the sublimation paper supplier to participate in environmental protection. If everyone can say 'no' to single-use plastic straws, it's a perfect start for the environment."