Title: We're a live service and we'll continue to update Madden
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Blog Entry: EA has continuously provided updates to the game since the year 2020, even though it does not have the depth and immersion that other versions of the concept with other sports games  Madden 22 coins . Although the current franchise mode isn't as good as most might expect the mode has seen improvements. EA Sports has confirmed that it will continue to update and support Madden NFL's Franchise game mode after reports suggesting that the developer will never release further updates on it. In a press release to IGN the spokesperson for EA Sports said more updates are planned as part of Madden NFL 22's live services approach. "We do not want to speak about rumors or speculation; however, we're committed to continuing to improve Franchise as a feature of our Madden NFL 22 Live-Service and more," the spokesperson said. "This will include two new Franchise updates we'll be releasing during Madden NFL 22. We will have more details regarding the updates in the new year." Sports Gamers Online reported recently that EA Sports opted to cancel further updates to Madden NFL's franchise mode. Madden's Franchise mode was the biggest issue in the series over the years, with fans asking for bigger, more substantial updates to the mode but not always getting what they would like. GameSpot's Madden NFL 22 review praised the game, in particular for its "meaningful improvements" of the Franchise game mode that include new strategies for the week. "No game is exactly alike, and Franchise can find a sweet spot where what you do off the field has an impact that is rewarding on what you do on the field  cheap mut coins , in a way that it fundamentally alters how you're expected and expected to react to each match-up," reviewer Richard Wakeling said.