Title: How To Design Innovative Lipstick Tube Packaging
Tags: Lipstick Tube
Blog Entry: Under the influence of the epidemic, lipstick is still a giant in the cosmetics category, responsible for sales. Lip glaze has become the dark horse of lip makeup and has great potential. So how do create the differentiation of  lipstick tube  packaging?   1.  Innovation and personalization are the eternal characteristics of beauty development. Modeling innovation case: tumbler lipstick, the shape is fun and beautiful.   1.  The surface technology is innovative, the design is simple, and the patterns are infinite. The same style can achieve thousands of technological effects. Such as the starry sky effect, and shiny visual effect. Glitter powder effect, aurora effect, laser effect, cloud effect, etc.   1.  Create environmentally friendly packaging   Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic flow into the ocean. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than the weight of fish. This will accelerate the severity of ocean pollution, greenhouse effect, and health problems. Packaging plastics account for 26% of total plastic use, of which only 14% is recycled and 5% of the material is reusable. A green strategy should be established, and green packaging should be jointly developed with important customers to guide terminal consumption and provide various green lipstick packaging solutions. Continuously develop green projects!   Jinyi is a professional  custom cosmetic packaging factory . For more information, please continue to follow us!