Title: Communication Cable Suppliers Introduces Cable Maintenance Details
Tags: Communication Cable
Blog Entry: Communication Cable Suppliers introduces the maintenance requirements of cables: 1. Regular inspections, fixed-point special inspections, eliminate inflammable and explosive materials and corrosive substances stacked on the optical cable route at any time, set up signs, signs and publicity boards, and stop construction, tree planting, and grass cutting that hinder the optical cable. and other activities, soil reinforcement and necessary trimming shall be carried out on the areas prone to erosion and excavation on the optical cable route. 2. When the ground subsidence occurs on the route of the directly buried optical cable, the optical cable will be affected by the lateral pressure and tension. Therefore, it is required to quickly find out the cause and deal with it. 3. Keep manholes, basements, and waterline rooms clean and tidy, and regularly inspect and maintain optical cable brackets, optical cable signs and ground wires. 4. Ensure that the pipeline optical cable shall not be squeezed in the manhole, and the bending of the optical cable shall meet the standard. The joint box of the pipeline optical cable must be placed firmly to prevent corrosion, damage, deformation, etc. 5. Regular reinforcement and maintenance of overhead optical cable lines. It is required that the distance between the hooks of the hanging wire is uniform, the radius of curvature at the corner of the optical cable should not be too small, and the splice box of the overhead optical cable should be firmly fixed to ensure that it cannot be damaged everywhere. 6. For the maintenance of the underwater optical cable, it is required that the underwater part of the optical cable line should not be exposed to the outside, and the underwater part should be buried in the riverbed. If the optical cable is found to be suspended, it should be repaired in time. In addition, activities such as anchoring, fishing, frying, and dredging in the waterline area are prohibited. Through the above introduction, 75 Ohm Trunk Cable Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.