Title: Here is a rundown of each Lost Ark server
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Blog Entry: Eventually you'll need Harmony Leapstones and other sorts of resources for weapons and armor, but if you're just getting started then the Shards are enough for the moment  Lost Ark Gold . Lost Ark is a popular MMOARPG that was developed in collaboration with Smilegate RPG and Tripod Studios, and published by Amazon Game Studios in English-speaking territories. The game is set in the fantastical world of Arkesia, where players can join forces to defeat the world's bosses, clear the dungeons, and harvest tons and tons of loot. Find out how to acquire and use Disorder Crystals to play Lost Ark. Disorder Crystals are a type of money that can be obtained from Lost Ark, and they're used to purchase a bunch of valuable items such as upgrade materials to help strengthen your character. Making Disorder Crystals Lost Ark 1.Complete the main story , and achieve level 50 on your character. Hitting level 50 should be pretty easy as long as you're doing side quests while going through the main story quests. 2.Take on the quest titled Ealyn's Request at North Vern to unlock Chaos Dungeons. 3.At this stage, you'll be able to go through Chaos Dungeons twice a day per character to get rewards. This includes Disorder Crystals which are dropped after you have completed a Tier 1 run. Whichever of the North Vern (Echo) or Rohendel (Phantom) runs will provide you with Disorder Crystals and can be exchanged for additional reward. They can be used for many purposes. Disorder Crystals After you have received the Disorder Crystals then head back to Vern Castle and speak with the Chaos Dungeon NPC vendor to buy more products  best place to buy Lost Ark Gold . Here are all the things you can purchase with the Crystals you have.