Title: Dimout Fabric Manufacturers Introduce The Characteristics Of Permanent Flame Retardant Fabric
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Blog Entry: Dimout Fabric Manufacturers introduce the characteristics of permanent flame retardant fabrics: 1. Good safety, the fiber will not melt in case of fire, and the low smoke is not toxic gas. 2. Permanent flame retardant effect. Laundering and rubbing do not affect flame retardant properties. 3. Environmental protection, with natural fibers as the carrier, the waste can be naturally degraded, which meets the requirements of environmental protection. 4. Excellent permanent flame retardant fire performance. Good performance in preventing flame spread, smoke release, melting resistance, and durability. 5. Good thermal insulation and anti-static properties. Provides full thermal protection. 6. It has the characteristics of natural fiber. The fabric has the moisture absorption and release properties of natural fiber, and has the characteristics of soft hand, comfortable, breathable, bright dyeing and so on. There are basically two kinds of permanent flame retardant fabrics: aramid flame retardant fabric and acrylic cotton flame retardant fabric. The difference between them is color first. Acrylic cotton flame retardant fabrics are usually dominated by fluorescent yellow colors, followed by navy blue and black. The colors of aramid flame retardant fabrics are orange red, dark blue, army green and bright blue. The second is the distinction of their composition and function. Aramid flame retardant fabric has permanent flame retardant, non-melting and non-dropping, non-toxic burning, excellent chemical resistance and excellent mechanical properties. The protective clothing made of this kind of fabric will not burn, melt, shrink, and smoke in case of fire, especially when it encounters a high temperature of 900-1500 ℃, the cloth surface will rapidly carbonize and thicken. Acrylic cotton flame retardant fabric is made of domestic acrylic or Protex fiber, adding a certain proportion of other flame retardant fibers, conductive fibers and long-staple cotton. Through the above introduction, Blackout Curtain Fabric Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.