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Product Testing By China Ignition Coil Manufacturers
Posted On 11/01/2022 02:50:55 by jiachengqiche

WARNING: Never pull out the plug wire or the high voltage output wire of the coil to test for sparks. In addition to the risk of serious electric shock, an open plug wire or coil wire can increase the voltage demand on the coil, potentially damaging the coil. The only safe way to test for sparks is with a spark plug tester tool.

If a problem with the coil is suspected, measure the primary and secondary resistance of the coil with an ohmmeter. If any of them are out of specificatio... Read More

How To Detect China High Strength Fastener
Posted On 05/01/2022 02:04:46 by weigaofasteners

  What are the detection methods of China high strength fastener? Bolt detection is divided into two types: manual and machine. Manual is the most primitive and most commonly used consistent detection method. In order to minimize the outflow of defective products, the general production company personnel inspect the packaged or shipped products by visual inspection to eliminate defective products (defects include tooth injuries, mixing, rust, etc.).

   Another way... Read More

Precautions For Replacement Of Ignition Distributor Factories
Posted On 21/12/2021 03:04:15 by jiachengqiche

Installation point The ignition coil of China car ignition coil manufacturers can always solve the problem of checking engine lights flickering due to a fire in an ideal situation. If this is the case, partial returns are not required. Facts have proved that the cause of the misfire is not just the direct absence of sparks from the ignition coil.

Ignition coils come in various sizes and colors, but they always have three common components. The primary winding, the secondary winding... Read More

Installation Of Custom China Stud Suppliers Gasket
Posted On 15/12/2021 06:02:30 by weigaofasteners

      Custom China Stud Suppliers is used as a space between two kinds of fasteners. Sealing gaskets can also be used to distribute load thread fasteners. There are certain requirements for installation and use, otherwise it will directly affect the fasteners between the two objects. The use effect, and even the early damage of the fasteners, is different according to the different installation requ... Read More

What Are The Options For China Folding Sofa Bed Manufacturers
Posted On 11/11/2021 03:53:11 by realgroup

Outdoor furniture purchase

  Nowadays, having floor-to-ceiling balconies, large open-air platforms, and gardens are no longer new. The living space extends outward, and Folding Chair Manufacturers outdoor furniture is naturally useful. There are many types of outdoor furniture on the market now, but the selection still varies from person... Read More

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