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Introduction Of Auto Parts Mold Manufacturer Application
Posted On 11/05/2022 04:06:20 by haiyanzj321

The application of auto parts mold manufacturer's Plastic molds in our life still reflects a certain level of breadth, that is, for example, some machine tools need to be used for this aspect of the base, and there are some such tools or this Among these products, there are applications for it, and there are some cases, such as the case of the shell on one side of the fuselage, then this is the case of a larger application, then There are also some small ones. For example, some of them... Read More

China Plastic Trigger Sprayer Factory Introduces The Use Of Watering Cans
Posted On 12/01/2022 03:50:17 by bailele

China Plastic Trigger Sprayer Factory introduces the causes of watering cans:

1. The spout of the watering can may be blocked.

2. Or the air tightness of the piston is not good enough to generate enough negative pressure.


1. The pressure is too high when pressing: clean the water spout with a needle;

2. No pressure is felt when pressing: the piston mechanism is broken and needs to be replaced.

... Read More

Plastic Press Cap Suppliers Introduces The Size Of Plastic Bottle Caps
Posted On 05/01/2022 06:32:12 by kerrywang

According to Plastic Press Cap Suppliers , Plastic bottle caps are generally divided into PP and PE types in terms of materials. PP material: It is mostly used for gas beverage bottle cap gaskets and caps. It is heat-resistant and does not deform, has high surface strength and good chemical stability. The disadvantage is poor toughness and easy embrittlement under low temperature conditions. Wearable. Bottle caps of this material are mostly used for fruit wine and carbonated bevera... Read More

Niceway Portable White Plastic Folding Table Fold-in-half Round Table 12...
Posted On 23/12/2021 03:33:02 by realgroup

In recent years, more and more high-quality Niceway Plastic Picnic Table wholesale Picnic Table has appeared in dormitories, offices and restaurants. It can be formulated into many different types of furniture products based on steel as the skeleton. In fact, the number of people who pay attention to and consult steel-wood furniture manufacturers with good reputation is endless. Now I will give you a brief explanation... Read More

Plastic Pail Mould Manufacturers Introduces The Selection Method Of...
Posted On 22/12/2021 03:07:17 by rixiangmosu

Plastic barrels are common chemical products in our lives. We often use it to hold some liquid. But in fact, large-capacity Plastic drums such as 20-liter Plastic drums and 25-liter Plastic drums have also been widely used in the industry. They can be used to store and transport various liquids. Because the 25-liter Plastic barrel has the advantage of not being easy to break and rust, and it also has the ability to prevent corrosion. Next, Plastic Pail Mould Manufacturers introduces how... Read More

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