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Mini Trigger Sprayer Wholesaler Introduces Requirements For Spray Selection
Posted On 23/05/2022 08:20:57 by kerrywang

The selection and use of the spray are not as simple as "one touch", you may have overlooked some details so that the skin is not as soft as expected. Below, Mini Trigger Sprayer Wholesaler present 4 details on spray selection.
1. The higher the mineral content in the hot spring spray water, the better
In fact, the active exchange process between the hot spring water and the skin is only about one minute. The higher the salt content of the spring water, the sh... Read More

Mini Trigger Sprayer Manufacturers Introduce the Use of Lotion...
Posted On 09/04/2022 03:40:55 by kerrywang

Mini Trigger Sprayer Manufacturers introduce The Lotion Dispenser Pump, a lotion pump is the most popular dispensing method for viscous, viscous liquid products in the personal care and beauty world, and comes in all shapes and sizes. When used as designed, the pump dispenses the correct amount of product time and time again. But have you ever wondered what's in a lotion pump that makes it work? Although there are hundreds of different designs on the market today, the fundamentals are... Read More

China Plastic Trigger Sprayer Factory Introduces The Use Of Watering Cans
Posted On 12/01/2022 03:50:17 by bailele

China Plastic Trigger Sprayer Factory introduces the causes of watering cans:

1. The spout of the watering can may be blocked.

2. Or the air tightness of the piston is not good enough to generate enough negative pressure.


1. The pressure is too high when pressing: clean the water spout with a needle;

2. No pressure is felt when pressing: the piston mechanism is broken and needs to be replaced.

... Read More

Plastic Press Cap Suppliers Introduces The Size Of Plastic Bottle Caps
Posted On 05/01/2022 06:32:12 by kerrywang

According to Plastic Press Cap Suppliers , plastic bottle caps are generally divided into PP and PE types in terms of materials. PP material: It is mostly used for gas beverage bottle cap gaskets and caps. It is heat-resistant and does not deform, has high surface strength and good chemical stability. The disadvantage is poor toughness and easy embrittlement under low temperature conditions. Wearable. Bottle caps of this material are mostly used for fruit wine and carbonated bevera... Read More

The Principle Of The Composition Of Wholesale Cosmetic Wholesale...
Posted On 16/12/2021 05:56:17 by yuyaojingye

The composition principle of cosmetic pump head

   1. Dispensers are divided into two types: tie-type and screw-type. In terms of function, they are divided into spray, foundation cream, lotion pump, aerosol valve, and airless bottle.

2. The size of wholesale Cosmetic wholesale... Read More

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