How To Use The Stone Polishing Machine
Posted On 04/01/2020 08:17:27 by cuienxin

The support of the machine is connected to the base with four bolts. When installing the support, a dial indicator should be used to correct the parallelism of the direction of movement of the saw blade facing the work surface and the perpendicularity of the saw blade facing the work surface. For a saw blade with a diameter of 0400mm, the parallelism error of the saw blade facing the moving direction of the table should be within 0.20mm, and the vertical error should be within 0.25mm. Fourth, use and safety precautions
Before starting the stone polishing machine, check whether the bolts and nuts in all parts are loose, check the power supply and wiring for leakage, check whether the saw blade is placed in the same direction as the arrow of the protective cover, and check whether it can be turned on.
When cutting the beveled edge or bevel requires tilting the machine head, the machine head should first be lifted to the upper part along the "turning fan surface up and down", and then the bolt "the machine head tilts upward" should be loosened. To prevent the machine head from tilting and falling suddenly, hold the machine head by hand when loosening the bolt. 3. The machine should be inspected and maintained regularly during use. The main shaft bearing components, the running wheel bearings under the table and the bearing components of the manual feeding device should be checked regularly to be clear of dirt and filled with butter. If there is abnormal vibration or noise during work, stop and check in time, and turn on the machine only after eliminating the abnormality.

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