The Correct Maintenance of a Bridge Cutting Machine
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Every manufacturer of production machinery outlines specific rules for the maintenance of bridge cutting machine. This maintenance optimizes performance, avoids break-downs and extends the life of the machine.

This is also true for orbital cutting machines, in this article you will find the essential rules for proper maintenance.

Maintenance of an orbital cutting machine: Watch out for metal shavings!

Prior to starting your orbital cutting machine it is important to check for small metal shavings that may be present. Remove any with a small brush; especially if you cut stainless steel.

We firmly discourage the use of compressed air as these chips can be propelled towards the inner part of the cutting machine which will create premature wear of the machinery parts.

Regular lubrication for a high performance cut

Maintenance-of-an-orbital-cutting-machineProper lubrication of any moving parts plays an important part in the machinery’s performance. Suppliers, typically in the instruction manual, indicate precisely where and the required frequency lubrication of the machinery should be carried out.

Keep in mind that frequency of lubrication depends largely on the number of cuts carried out daily. Some users cut about ten times a day, while others do 300 or more. Another aspect to consider is the diameter and wall thickness of the tube being cut.

Ease of lubrication: Three points

Our cutting machine has three points where the grease is injected for proper lubrication. All are at the rear of the machine, two lubricate the front turntable which is constantly moving and supports the weight of the cutting motor.

The third, at the base plate of the frame, maintains the clamping device for the tubes.

The quality of the cut: an important indication of when maintenance should be carried out

An orbital cutting machine, when routine maintenance is not carried out correctly will produce a lowered quality of the cut such as; the cut not being perfectly perpendicular or and offset of the pipe ends.

Vibrations during use will also be noticed; often this is a direct link with the quantity of grease situated at the frame of the machine. If you continue to use the machine, it can become blocked or the rotation may be affected.

When this happens, we strongly recommend to contact your supplier for routine maintenance of your orbital cutting machine.

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