VW Pencil Ignition Coils Failing? It's Stall the Rage
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  An Pencil Ignition Coils transforms voltage from the battery and turns it into energy the spark plug can use to…spark. Making it an essential component of the ignition system.

  And for years, Volkswagen vehicles have had issues with ignition coil and connectors that fail, potentially leaving drivers stranded with a stalled out engine and no power steering or brakes.

  Signs That The Ignition Coil Has Failed

  Honestly, it isn't hard to tell when an ignition coil is having problems. Let's just say when they fail, they don't do so in a subtle way.

  Some of the most common problems include startup issues, loud engine cranks, backfires, hesitations, and increased risk of engine fires!

  And then there's the whole misfire while driving scenario that can cut power to the engine, power steering, and power brake assist all at the same time.

  Potential engine codes

  If an ignition coil fails it should trigger the check engine light and will likely result in error codes PO300, PO302 and PO304 depending on what cylinder is misfiring.

  Why Are VW Ignition Coils Failing?

  VW uses a coil-on-plug design that, as the name suggests, has an ignition coil installed directly on top of each of spark plug. Unlike a system that uses a coil pack or distributer, this design increases the chances of a single ignition coil causing a whole lot of trouble.

  The coils aren't exactly put in a position to succeed. According to some mechanics, the coils in VW engines are placed at the top of the engine and covered in a way that when the hot air from the engine rises it gets trapped. Almost creating an oven for the coils to bake in.

  And like most things electrical, they don't take too kindly to heat as prolonged exposure makes the wires and seals brittle. Once the seals to sealing, it also introduces the chances of another nemesis doing damage – moisture.

  The ignition coil connector is another area that can cause all sorts of problems. Anytime you go to service a coil or spark plug you need to deal with the connector which is known for easy-to-break tabs, easy-to-miss connections, and easy-to-rupture seals.

  VW issued a Customer Satisfaction Campaign (CSC) to "inspect the vehicles for any malfunctioning coil packs and to replace them at no cost to the consumer." Letters were sent to owners on June 6th, 2003.

  Owners who had previously paid for ignition coil replacements were given options for reimbursements.

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