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WARNING: Never pull out the plug wire or the high voltage output wire of the coil to test for sparks. In addition to the risk of serious electric shock, an open plug wire or coil wire can increase the voltage demand on the coil, potentially damaging the coil. The only safe way to test for sparks is with a spark plug tester tool.

If a problem with the coil is suspected, measure the primary and secondary resistance of the coil with an ohmmeter. If any of them are out of specification, the coils will need to be replaced.

Bench testing of the coils is easy with a digital 10 megohm impedance ohmmeter. Refer to the vehicle manufacturer's service information for coil test specifications, as these values ​​may vary by application.

Check coil primary and secondary resistance with ohmmeter
To test the distributor ignition coil, connect the two test leads of the ohmmeter to the primary terminals (+ and -) of the coil. Most coils should read between 0.4 and 2 ohms. A zero resistance indicates a shorted coil, while a high resistance reading indicates an open coil.

Measure the secondary resistance between the positive (+) terminal and the high voltage output terminal. Newer coils with segmented core construction typically read 6,000 to 8,000 ohms, while other coils may read as high as 15,000 ohms.

On non-can coils, the primary terminal may be located in the connector, or even under the coil. Refer to the vehicle manufacturer's service information for terminal locations and ignition coil test procedures.

Ford DIS ignition coil for V6 engine
Ford DIS V6 ignition coil. Note that the terminals are in the coil wiring connector.

Another way to test ignition coils
Another way to test ignition coils is to use a "spark tester". You can find cheap spark testers on ebay or most auto parts stores. The in-line spark tester is installed between the spark plug ignition coil and the spark plug. With the engine off, disconnect the coil from the spark plug and connect one end of the spark tester to the top of the spark plug and the other end to the coil output. For pencil coils mounted on spark plugs, and spark plugs embedded deep in the cylinder head, a spark tester with a long probe is required.

After the spark tester from China ignition coil manufacturers is installed, start the engine. If the light on the spark tester is flashing, the coil is producing ignition voltage and the circuit controlling the coil is working. If the engine stalls, the spark plugs may be fouled, cracked, or shorted. No flash means a bad coil or a bad coil control circuit. Check for loose or corroded coil wiring connectors. A bad wire connector will prevent a good coil from firing.

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