Problems With The Use Of Black Diamond Kinetic Log Splitter
Posted On 12/01/2022 03:36:22 by xuepaer

The log splitter 25 ton is widely used in the fields of construction and municipal construction that meet the needs of sand and gravel aggregates. However, many factors may cause equipment wear or work efficiency during use. How do we maintain it?
First of all, the bearing is the part that is more susceptible to wear, which will reduce the working efficiency of the equipment. The bearing is mainly used to fix the hammer head, the plate hammer or the impact plate. We should lubricate regularly during use to reduce the wear between the machines. Increase the service life of the equipment.
Then there is the impact block (brick), which is also severely worn in the production of black diamond kinetic log splitter. When the processing capacity increases, the particle size of the product will become coarser, the crushing ratio will decrease, and the unit pure wear of the blower will also decrease. Similarly, changing the size of the discharge gap can also change the thickness of the product particle size to a certain extent, so it also has a certain impact on the wear of the blower.

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