NBA 2K22 has just released within the last couple
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Basketball 2K22: The Drama Trade Rumors bug solution has mt nba 2k22 been on the minds of every single participant who has faced the glitch. This makes sense given how devastating the bug can be. It can lock you out from many tasks in the game.

Then there's the actual quest. In the following guide we'll provide you with some suggestions on how you may be able to resolve the issue. They've helped people, and I'm sure that at the very least one of the solutions will work for you too. So, without further delay I'll tell you where we're going.

To solve the NBA 2K22 Drama Trade Rumors bug that stops players from completing the mission and even block you from doing much of anything, there's a myriad of things that you can do. For instance, you could play the same Kendrick rant over and over on your phone.

By that, I mean the phone that you have in your game but not the actual one. It is also possible to change the type of your apartment in the settings and watch it again. There are a few more things you can do, for example, running group practice or perform some other activities after which you can watch the rant.

If you're looking for the "official" solution that 2K has to offer is reinstalling the game and / or clearing your cache. This is definitely worth trying if everything else fails. In any case, it's the biggest annoyance among many such issues which players have experienced in the past.

Of course, the only real The Drama Trade Rumors bug solution in NBA 2K22 can come from the developers. It appears that, based on the automated response some players have gotten, 2K and Visual Concepts are aware of the issue and may be looking for an approach to fix it.

So, we can only hope that this issue will be fixed soon. While you wait be sure to check out our other guides to NBA 2K22 that deal with various glitches and errors. For instance, to name a few our articles, we've written them like Elevator Problems with Connection Unable to Connect to Server, Disappearing Tattoos Bug Fix, and 6f8ce31b as well as 727e66ac error code fix.

NBA 2K22 has just released within the last couple of weeks and has seen a huge number of players asking how to change the 2K22 affiliation. These affiliations are very important for certain players, and with four affiliations, it's possible to get into a position you don't want to be. It is, however, very simple and will take players no buy 2k22 mt time at all to move on over to a different affiliation.

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