Margit isn't easy to know which magic weapons that he'll summon
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Margit isn't easy to know which magic weapons that he'll summon, and how he'll incorporate them into his combo attacks. Therefore, it is essential to keep endurance to swiftly stop or dodge the next attack. If you've got a good protection shield, you can also perform Guard Counters in the event that you ensure that the opponent has finished his combo attack prior to Elden Ring Runes initiating your counter. If you don't, you'll be more vulnerable after being committed to the attack.

Make sure to take your time during this battle and be patient, as he moves slow enough for you to have time to watch his attack sequences and get a feel for the right and wrong time to attempt your own attack Be careful not to become eager to be too stingy, leaving yourself vulnerable. Melee fighters must back off at intervals to recover their stamina. wait until he makes the first move so you can react accordingly.Get your strikes in as you are able to gradually reduce Margit down, and he'll be able to fall after a few rounds and open the way for Stormveil Castle proper.

Stormveil Castle Walkthrough.Starting at The Stormveil Main Gate, go right down the stairs and steal the body for the Furlcalling Finger Remedy.As you go back to the top of the stairs, take a glance over the edge, and you'll be able to see a bridge made of wood along the wall. You can drop down and follow this trail until you find an item called Fire Grease x2. Then, drop back into the grassy area. Then get out of the castle by an opening in the wall of the castle on your left.

Go back at the Site of Grace then go through the door on your left and speak to one of the NPC who calls out to your from the corner. They will tell you that there are two routes to get to this keep: via the gate with a strong fortification or through an obscure access point within the side. In this case, it might be feasible to run the gauntlet of the front gate with the right amount of determination, but it would be inefficient and you would miss a lot of items. Therefore, this guide will focus on taking the side path for Cheap Elden Ring Items best loot accumulation.

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