Ignition Distributor Device Error
Posted On 12/05/2022 04:16:11 by jiachengqiche

 Now with the gradual development of the electronics industry, ignition distributor have appeared in our lives many times. Technology has become more and more developed and applications have become more and more extensive. Magnetic rod coils are widely used in mobile phones, USB personal computers and peripheral equipment, LCD panels, Low voltage differential signal, remote control car key, etc.
  There are many magnetic rod coil installation equipment, and the coil type is compared. Because of the equipment required for different mechanical equipment or components, there are many styles and general types of coil products produced. The mechanical equipment and applicable instruments are relatively wide, and the coil products are installed in different places. People living or production facilities more.

    Not long ago, Mr. Chen, a customer from Shenzhen, called me anxiously, saying that he had a magnetic rod coil project for remote control, which was very important and urgent. He has found a number of coil factories for sample preparation, but the samples failed to pass because the resistance was out of specification. Seeing that the deadline for sending samples of the case is about to end, if the qualified samples are not sent, the case will become yellow. Mr. Chen is as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.

I communicated with Mr. Chen about this inductive coil in detail, and learned that this magnetic bar coil needs to be made of 5×13×100MM ferrite manganese magnetic bar. The magnetic bar coil has very strict requirements. The fit ignition coil manufacturers M5 flat winding is about 70T, and the inductance is 370±10UH. The Q value is 0.85, and the difficulty lies in the Q value requirement. The Q value of such a magnet coil is very easy to exceed, so that the inductance of the magnet coil is extremely high.

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