Title: They have also been taking advantage of Runescape players to fund a series of failures
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Blog Entry: What cape should I choose? Skill caps take a while to acquire. To obtain a Firecape, you'll need a high level of skill and a lot of money  Old School RS Gold . I can make/buy Ppots. I have 100 Sharks in my bank. I have enough cash to purchase crossbows, Guthan, as well some bolts. I've got 134 hours left to complete my fire cape. I have six more days to the X'Mas celebration. My aim at skill cape is Woodcutting/Fletching/Cooking. Fletching, Cooking, and Woodcutting are my top skills, but they take quite a long time. I have some money, but would rather not spend more than 1m. I am able to sell Guthan and crossbows, use the pots in the future or sell them. I could have missed some however these are the skills of members. What is the best distance between defense, strength and attack? One example is that strength ought to be at least 15 points more than defence and attack. What are your opinions? With the market going all,i find myself kinda giving up on earning money for awhile and i want to get my combat and other skills up, therefore my question is, what skills should I go for? The truth is that i was part of the clan known as the Kings of Horrorer. They kicked me out and i made an account this morning. Andre joined and was accepted to my house. I did not do pking because I was afraid of losing armor  Cheap OSRS Fire Cape . Which of these skills would be most profitable at 99?