Title: How does NBA 2k22 mystaff recruit employees?
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Blog Entry: Recruitment principles In the screenshot above, we can see that when trying to hire a new strength trainer, the default ranking is sports medicine, which is the best attribute required by strength trainers (and most other sports medicine personnel). You can then scroll the wheel to see how the rest of the attributes stack up, or quickly see how many badges they have. We have done our best to help the system become more powerful and provide players with tools to get the information they need to make informed decisions. If you want to expand the view, we can take out the employee card! Recruitment changes of 2k22 In addition to the changes in departments, you will notice that we now have a new distribution of available attributes.  Buy 2k22 mt at a6k is a smart choice. One of our favorite things in 2K is to see how the story unfolds - from the profound experience of "brilliant career" to the more organic sandbox experience of "Basketball League". We think it will be attractive when we play not only the numbers on the spreadsheet, but also vivid and interesting narration and really bring a fascinating experience. To help achieve this, we have added many attributes to make the characteristics of employees more comprehensive, so you can freely introduce an employee into different departments and observe their growth. For example, we have a new attribute - charm. This has little impact on CFOs buried in spreadsheets, but it is essential for department heads, general managers or assistant general managers. Financial knowledge will be the main attribute of CFOs, but it is also very useful for general managers trying not to be cheated in trade agreements. We have a glossary to fully explain the meaning of each attribute, but the general point is that staff can move more easily across departments, especially after players know what the team needs.