Subject: My Name Is Marco And I'M The Founder
Content: That's my rant... I do not need your sympathy and I'm dead serious about that. I'm just angry and need people to know that you shouldn't expire with OSRS gold an Inferno Adze... Because I dropped it and it wasn't under my tomb. Now that I play Runescape I thought I would put done my opinion on a great deal of Runescape players along with how they respect Jagex. I have been playing for about 4-5 years off and on now, and I have observed every up and down that's come to this match. What has always bothered me is that the continuous use of Jagex as a scape goat. Someone dies they get angry at Jagex for making it too difficult, if a pursuit is too hard for a specific participant, it is jagex's mistake, they lost money merching. . I think that it's pretty sad that people are constantly ready to have a bash at Jagex when things do not go their way. Then there is the too crazed up expectation of updates. People rant rant rant if they don't get an update, if the update doesn't benefit them or their range levelthey rant. If its an update concerning different people, they rant. Can anyone seriously be patient and wait for an upgrade they like? And when an update comes out, why are people so crucial? When it's difficult, folks rant, if it is easy, folks rant, not once do they believe there is another individual on the opposite side of the coin. Give upgrades time, nobody likes change when they are used to things so ardently, but give it a chance, open minded thought on new layouts etc, in 1 month you will love it. Then on to customer service, they've probably one of the best customer service services on earth. Ring them and you get somebody there, place a post on the discussion, even at 3am uk period and you receive a reply in just 3 minutes. The only thing missing is that Cheap RuneScape gold the report abuse assistance, but people up them into one group and blame them all. Then there's this annoying"ruinedscape" or neighborhood change. The community has never really changed, only got bigger and obviously less tight. People act like there they are the only adult people on Runescape but I have seen them turn around and call people nerds for not using a skillcape.