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The Bond Between Ignition Coils And Spark Plugs
Posted On 31/08/2021 07:01:43 by jiachengqiche

  Are the Ignition coils causing the check engine light to turn on?

  The Distributor Ignition Coils connect to the spark plugs so the combustion chamber can ignite. If the spark plugs do not spark with enough power, the engine will stall. Since the coils connect to the plugs and this connection must power the engine, one failing part can turn the check engine light on. Without a computer analysis, it may be difficult to tell if the Ignition coils are th... Read More

Best Pencil Ignition Coils: Enhance Your Car’s Fuel Consumption
Posted On 17/08/2021 07:40:31 by jiachengqiche

  It can be inconvenient to refill your gas tank, particularly when you thought you had enough gas. Misfires can also be annoying. But before you take your car to the auto shop to see what’s wrong, check the Ignition coil. Choosing the best Ignition coil ensures you get the best performance out of your car. In this review, we highlight three great Ignition coils and tell you what to look for when buying one.

  Benefits of Ignition Coils

... Read More

The Less Time Is Available For The Distributor Ignition Coil
Posted On 10/08/2021 07:39:26 by jiachengqiche

  Things to consider before selecting an Aftermarket Distributor Ignition Coils: Choosing the right aftermarket Ignition coil can help you achieve better acceleration and superior racing performance. In order to understand how to choose the right coils let us take a deeper look into the basics of Ignition system and Ignition coils.

  Ignition Coil Basics

  The basics of the Ignition system hasn’t changed much over the last few decades. T... Read More

Two Winding That Surround the Distributor Ignition Coils
Posted On 03/08/2021 06:38:27 by jiachengqiche

  If your car is giving you a hard time, then there might be a problem with its Distributor Ignition Coils. Ignition coil works like a transformer, converting low voltage energy from the car battery into high voltage and providing it to the spark plug. This lights up the air-fuel mixture in the cylinder producing power.

  If you try to start your engine, but the only thing you are hearing is a spluttering sound, again and again, or your car is low on power wh... Read More

The Pencil Ignition Coil Module Closes The Coil Primary Circuit
Posted On 20/07/2021 07:16:29 by jiachengqiche

  Ignition coils provide the high voltage needed by the Ignition system to fire the spark plugs. Most engines that have a distributor Ignition system have a single coil, but a few import applications have two coils. On distributorless Ignition systems (DIS), multiple Ignition coils are used. On "waste spark" systems, each pair of cylinders shares a coil. On other DIS and coil-on-plug (COP) Ignition systems, each cylinder or spark plug has its own individual coil.

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