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My DIY Disinfecting Wipes Are A Great Ultra Fine Mist Sprayer
Posted On 03/09/2021 03:02:37 by yuyaojingye

  Learn how to make this DIY Disinfecting Spray so that you can easily disinfect doorknobs, handles, carts and so many other surfaces at home or on-the-go. This is so easy to make a very cost-effective and you can easily control the ingredients you put in it.

  Disclaimer: I am not claiming that this DIY ultra fine mist Sprayer manufacturer recipe will kill bacteria or viruses. This recipe does, however, contain rubbing alcohol which is isopropyl alcohol... Read More

Lotion Pump Heads Come In 3 Lock Variances
Posted On 20/08/2021 06:46:45 by yuyaojingye

  The world of lotions pumps contains a vast range of options. We have many people in the packaging industry that ask a lot of questions. We wrote an article back in 2017 called Everything You Need To Know About Dispensing Pumps however, we missed out important information on lotion pump head mechanisms. Knowing the difference between a lock up and a lock down can be a little confusing at first glance.

  Lotion dispensing pumps come in 3 lock variances.... Read More

A Step In The Right Direction To Lotion Pump Head
Posted On 13/08/2021 04:31:34 by yuyaojingye

  Glass is composed of lotion pump head naturally occurring ingredients as it consists of sand, soda, ash, and limestone. The fusion of these components results in one single material. And best of all, no additional materials or chemical layers are needed to finish it. Glass is the leading choice for luxury items like perfume, cosmetics, spirits & wines, and pharmaceutical products and is becoming the number one choice when it comes to sustainability. Simply put: Glass... Read More

The Background On The Variety Of Plastic Pump Head Materials
Posted On 06/08/2021 03:58:04 by yuyaojingye

  When looking for magnetic drive plastic pump head, your needs will vary. Certain materials are better for certain industries, and price point is always a consideration. In the last few months, we’ve given you the background on the variety of materials we use in our magnetic drive pump production: Polypropylene, Ryton, Kynar, and Stainless Steel 316. But how do these materials stack up against each other?

  Let’s compare each type of material in order to... Read More

The Right Way To Ultra Fine Mist Sprayer
Posted On 30/07/2021 02:59:04 by yuyaojingye

  Three years ago, we wrote a blog about slowing down the spread of the flu with a ultra fine mist Sprayer manufacturer. Today, that blog is more relevant than ever before but much has changed. COVID-19 revolutionized cleaning and disinfection protocols. When the pandemic began, health officials didn’t know much. Because of this knowledge gap, facilities maintenance personnel followed the cleaning and disinfection protocols based on previous coronavirus guidelines.

... Read More

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